Should we go outside? Exhibition at Deedee Shuttuck Gallery, MA, US

It is a great pleasure to announce the first group show of the Nordic quartet Karoline Hjorth (NO), Riitta Ikonen (FI), a rawlings (IS/CA) and Cecilia Hultman (SE) at the beautiful Deedee Shuttuck Gallery in Westport, Massachusetts.

The exhibition SHOULD WE GO OUTSIDE? :: A NORDIC QUARTET presents a multi-media vision of our relationship to nature within the specific context of the Anthropocene – this epoch in which humans play an outsized role on Earth and its rhythms. The artists met at a festival in Norway in 2017 at a rawlings’ performance where the audience was invited to howl along.

Along with 12 Eyes as Big as Plates works, the show features drawings, texts and installations by Cecilia (Cissi) Hultman, interspersed with sound and video works by the interdisciplinary artist a rawlings. The exhibition runs from Oct 30 – Dec 1, with opening reception Saturday November 9th from 5-7 pm.

Eyes as Big as Plates # Lisa © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen
© Deutche Welle Euromaxx (2017)

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