Helt Ute, NRK (TV)

Excited to share the news that Eyes as Big as Plates will air on Norwegian TV (NRK) as part of the series Helt Ute! The series looks at the relationship between art and nature and we are thrilled to be part of it! On screens across Norway on Tuesdays from the 16th Feb, and available on the screen you like to scroll anytime. Thank you to our team Thorvald, Benjamin and Stian from Screen Story and Nathan in NY!

Eyes as Big as Plates gjester andre episode i NRKs nye dokumentarserie om kunst og natur, Helt Ute! Tusen takk til Thorvald Nilsen, Benjamin Langeland og Stian Servoss fra Screenstory, som manøvrerte gjennom covid-krumspring og sensurering fra oppdragsgiver grunnet et overraskende strandkåldrama – mer om det i den nye Eyes as Big as Plates-boka som går i trykken til våren!



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