Exhibition opening in Preus Museum

Eyes as Big as Plates’ very own Karin, one of the five works that was recently acquired into the permanent collection of Preus Museum in Horten, Norway, is taking part in the museum’s new exhibition titled TIME, PLACE, ROOM.  

We are happy to share wallspace with Abbas, Ahdi, Aili Strømsted, Ali Riza Mohammadi, Antonio, Benjamin, Bente S. Gebhardt, Birger Falch-Pedersen, Bjørn, Bryony Harris, Bård, Calle, Carl Henrik Amundsen, Dag, Dag Alveng, Don Olav, Fredrik, Geir-Atle, Gottfried Fjeldså, Hanne M. Holm-Johnsen, Hussein, James, Jan, John Coplans, Jonas, Jørunn Solheim Hotvedt, Kai, Kamille Nygård, Katharina Barbosa Blad, Kevin, Kim, Kristin, Laura, Liv Bugge, Lotte Konow Lund, Mohamed, Mourad, Nigel Poor, Nils, Paal Stub, Per, Roy Rasmussen, Runar Tveiten, Sandra, Sebastian, Shamso, Signe Marie Andersen, Singh, Star, Ståle Hansen, Theodor, Thom Bridge, Thomas, Tina Enghoff, Tor Henning, Torleif, Widar, Yasir, Younes and Åke Hedström.

The exhibition opened Sunday the 25th of April and is open until mid October. Welcome!

Eyes as Big as Plates # Karin (Norway 2019) © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

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