‘Crowdfunding for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Norway’ – online event tomorrow, May 20th

Eyes as Big as Plates 1 and 2 would never have made it to the bookshelves without the people power that is crowdfunding! With two successful campaigns up our sleeves, we have been invited to contribute to tomorrow’s online cultural crowdfunding event “Crowdfunding for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Norway”.

For our Scandi-speaking friends (or anybody keen to learn about crowdfunding in Norwegian), we’ll share anecdotes, images and videos (featuring the thickest Nordic accents Internet has to offer) from both of our around-the-clock digital workouts from 2017 and 2020 and promise to reveal our hottest tips on how to make dough (or even better; books!) through Kickstarter.

Tomorrow’s talks and panel debate will serve as a forum to discuss the current state of crowdfunding in the cultural and creative industries in Norway, marking the end of a Norwegian Art Council project and the beginning of an extended Norwegian Research Council project, as part of the KULMEDIA program.

Sign up here and tune in tomorrow between 9 am and 1 pm Norwegian time (registration closes at 10 am). Welcome!

© Jon MacLeod / Outer Hebrides (2019)

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