the Conference of the Birds: Online seminar this Thursday

We are proud to take part alongside many other Nordic artists, scientists and bird enthusiasts in the transdisciplinary, polyphonic and socially engaged art project The Conference of the Birds

Reflecting on bird cultures, bird-human relations, and exploring ways of co-existing in a more than human world, Thursday’s online seminar is titled Collaboration and contempt: Birds Eye Views.

We will present new work and reflections from our stay on the small island of Selvær off the Helgeland coast in Norway, where we portrayed some of the last active eider bird carers in the country.
Norway has lost over 30% of the total bird population in recent decades and many species are in danger of disappearing for good. The situation for seabirds is dramatic, with a reduction of up to 75% for several species over the last 30 years. This is an ecological disaster where human behaviour is the main cause.

Anchored in the project The Conference of the Birds in collaboration with NOBA – Norwegian BioArt Arena, Thursday’s online seminar (link to free registration below) will provide an insight into how we, through interdisciplinary exchange between art and science, work to draw attention to the birds’ belonging.

The Conference of the Birds (2018 – ongoing) is initiated by artist and curator Eva Bakkeslett (NO) and curated together with artist and curator Ulrika Jansson (SE), co-curator Ulla Taipale (FI) and researcher/co-curator Oleg Koefoed (DK). 

Click here for free registration and program. Please note the sign up form will close on November 22 at 22:30 GMT / 17:30 EST