New works from Rejmyre, Sweden!

Sweden in early summer is intoxicatingly exciting. So exciting we ended up doing five shoots in two days! Thank you Rejmyre Art LAB and Louise Johansson Waite for having us and everyone in the soothing town of Rejmyre for welcoming us.

We wholeheartedly recommend this destination for anyone looking for riveting local history, peaceful strolls on less trodden paths, summer lake dipping, chilling with cranes, jackdaws, sheep, country cats and very shy wild boars. You’ll have to share the scene with mosquitoes, but we feel amongst such bounty, sharing with a few mozzies is only fair.

Special bouquets of lily of the valley to Birger, Isabelle, Jonatan, Linda and Mikael- Thank you for taking us along on your paths and for sharing your stories!

You can see more from this Swedish expedition at the Eyes as Big as Plates exhibition opening in just two weeks at the Konsthallen Engelska Magasinet on the 17th of June. The show is hosted by Rejmyre Art LAB’s Center for Peripheral Studies, a long-term, place-based, artistic research project.

Karoline, the sculptures, books and many of our local collaborators will be there to toast! All welcome!



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