Norway is among the top ranked countries in the world when it comes to internet usage and half a million Norwegians are looking for a partner online each month. In a universe where matchmaking has become an algorithm, this space between technology and reality is changing the way we interact with others and potentially even how we fall in love. Billett Merket / Personals (working title) portrays some of the individuals behind these ephemeral dating sites, and is currently a work in progress project. The series will be published by Forlaget Press in Oslo in 2019 and the book will feature monologues and portraits of a selection of online daters from different age segments, regions and social backgrounds. The monologues will be based on conversations with each contributor and their reflections on online dating, love and self-presentation, while the photographs will portray each in their own home, from the very first moment of waking up.

If you have suggestions on stories and personalities to feature, feedback or if you just feel like saying hello, please get in touch:

The project is supported by Stiftelsen Fritt Ord and NFF (Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Organisation)

Billett Merket # Lotte Lovise © Karoline Hjorth