All Eyes on Eyes as Big as Plates

Here is a little sliver of the amazing amount of press Eyes as Big as Plates has received recently, we are overwhelmed!

Time Magazine's LightBox
Time Magazine’s LightBox
Salme @ Time LightBox
Eyes as Big as Plates # Salme @ Time LightBox The Guide: April 2013 Edition
Público (Portuguese daily national newspaper) P3
Público (Portuguese daily national newspaper) P3

We even got two video pieces dedicated to Eyes as Big as Plates, thank you Rufus Day and Barry Bless!

Plate - Rufus Day
Plate – Rufus Day
A Gorgeous Melancholy - Barry Bless
A Gorgeous Melancholy – Barry Bless
Lidovky CZ (daily newspaper in Czeck Republic)
Lidovky CZ (daily newspaper in Czeck Republic)
LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council)
LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council)
Gooood gooood (Online architecture, landscape,design & art magazine in China)
Gooood (China) : Online architecture,
landscape,design & art magazine
Eyes as Big as Plates on the Sad and Useless site: post  statistics as of 12 April: 88k.
Eyes as Big as Plates on the Sad and Useless site: post statistics as of 12 April: 88k  (!)

In the pipeline:

Interview / feature in De Morgen (Belgian national newspaper), The Sculpture Center tumblr, feature in FANFARE (new biannual Norwegian independent culture magazine).

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