Eyes as Big as Plates on Kickstarter!

6 days into the campaign and Eyes as Big as Plates has just received a “Projects We Love” badge from Kickstarter! Take a look at our brand new four minute film featuring grannies, whales, bamboo forests, bubbling lava fields and a pine needle beret and please show your support by pre-buying the book, a postcard or a print. The more people hop onboard RIGHT NOW, the more likely we are to succeed – so please back us, this is a people power thing!

There’s 24 days to reach our funding goal and the stakes are high: if we don’t get it all – we get nothing! This means investing in the project is risk-free fun for backers and everybody will get their money back if the project is not fully funded by 16th March. That is however a scenario we are not going for, so let’s make this book!

Tusen takk, kiitos, thank you! Grateful bows from Karoline and Riitta.

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