Mormormonologene i fredagsmodus!

Kari, Ebba, Mia, Berit, Eva og Irja fra Mormormonologene pryder i dag flere fine spalter i dagens utgave av Klassekampen og A-Magasinet, løp og kjøp da vel!

Og til de som ikke enda har bestemt seg for hvor de skal spise lunsjen sin i dag tipses det herved om litterær lunsj på Tanum Bokhandel Karl Johan.

Smakebiter fra Mormormonologene presenteres rett etter selveste Jan Erik Volds diktopplesning fra Store hvite bok å se, Cecilie Enger leser og forteller fra Kammerpiken, og Egil Ulateig forteller fra krigen.

Hurra for fredag!

Kari Størmer (Foto Karoline Hjorth)

Miss White Trash

A while ago I visited Portland, Oregon for the annual Miss White Trash Pageant.  Pick up a copy of Fett‘s summer issue and read all about it (Norwegian only).

Photo @ Karoline Hjorth

Eyes as Big as Plates

New work!

This blog has been wildly ignored for a little eternity, but on this very fine first day of June it is a pleasure to bring it back to life with the announcement that new work is in the making!

A month of roaming around Sandnes with brilliant Riitta Ikonen ended with a great private view and presentation of our collaborative work in progress last Friday, at Stasjon K, Sandnes. AiR Sandnes is Sandnes’ artist in residence program, part of KINOKINO Centre for Art and Film.

Blessed with the presence of 90-year old parachuting grannies, sailors of the seven seas, car rental staff, council workers, retired botanists, artisans, philologists, housewifes and babies, and with rhubarb pie and rhubarb punch as part of both the art and the catering, I can easily declare it as the finest private view I have ever experienced.

© Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

// Eyes as Big as Plates //

“Gjæren people are very practical. In fact they have come up with many of the nation’s best inventions. They are solid, simple and hard working and haven’t got time to turn rocks and wonder what’s under.” Stein Emanuel Simonsen, 7th generation potter from Sandnes.

While the romantics declared that folklore was the clearest reflection of the soul of the people, the word around town in modern day Sandnes is that the old folk tales are a whole lot of hot air.

Riitta and Karoline went on a quest to find out what’s the order of the day, and traveled far and wide with local sailors, farmers, professors, artisans, psychologists, teachers, parachuters and senior citizens.

Eyes as Big as Plates presents the findings of these ventures.

After the initial presentation of work, models, costumes and photographs at Stasjon K, we are looking forward to showing the final prints both in Norway and abroad after the summer!

© Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen